TripAdvisor + Bookconfirm integration

We've been working hard on integrating with TripAdvisor to become a partner in their Tripconnect platform.

Over the past month we've been testing it live with some of our operators, and today that integration is ready!

If you're not familiar with TripConnect it works by placing your hotel in TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search results
a search for 'Cape Tribulation hotels' below:

Benefits of listing with Bookconfirm on Tripadvisor:

  • no extra booking fees (just our normal 5% flat rate, taken from your booking) rather than 12% or more if you use / WOTIF etc
  • more exposure on TripAdvisor, more visitors to your site
  • availability & prices automatically updated on Tripadvisor when bookings made on Bookconfirm

Save up to 10% in fees compared to or Expedia

Bookconfirm charges our same flat 5% fee for any bookings made via TripAdvisor, so compared to the 10%, 15% or more of some other bookings sites such as Expedia or you can still get maximum exposure on TripAdvisor, and save on commisions.

(TripConnect is a cost per click setup, you pay TripAdvisor be listed in the result pages)

Getting onboard

We've already activated all hotels in our system, ready for TripConnect (if you do not want to be listed, ready here).

Next step is simply to activate your listing on Tripadvisor:

  1. Signup or login with Tripadvisor here
  2. Click on the 'Get Started' button to start the Tripconnect integration

Guides & Help

A really good setup guide can be found here, or other useful information from TripConnect below:

And of course, email us if you have any problems or questions!